Need your French furniture wish to come true?

french cherubYes, the French furniture fairies are departing to France next week to make more people’s wishes come true. We have a large number of wishes from people for French furniture that we help fulfil.

One joy of French antique furniture is that is unique. The one infuriating thing about French antique furniture is that is unique! It is almost impossible to find an identical piece but we find many pieces that match a particular popular styles.

Frenchfinds is very happy to try and find pieces for whatever you may be craving for, direct from France (if it isn’t already on the Frenchfinds website). We cover some big areas of France with lots of contacts and friends we have built up over the last 15 years of getting to love the country and its beautiful styles.

Let us know the size, style, colour(s), and any other key information and we will do our utmost best to make your wishes come true.

You can contact us direct on 01538 370058 (UK) or