Dedication to the glamour of buying French antique furniture in the snow!

The snowy desolate wasteland that greeted us at our usually cheery French antique furniture fair We’re very privileged to be able to do a job that many people dream of, the glamorous job of travelling across France and buying antique French furniture;

The excitement and warm feeling that you get

from meeting, speaking to and making friends with a wonderful number of French people.

The ability to indulge in a very relaxed country steeped in a wide array of  philosophy, art, culture, food and beautiful


It is great, hard work, occasionally gritty but great. But every so often even great and glamorous jobs can test your dedication…

This test came the other day at one of our classic antique fairs where we buy many of our French antique beds and armoires and other French furniture. Despite being 100s of miles south of the frosty frozen UK 5 inches of snow greeted us on our arrival.  A first in 10 years that we’ve bought in the area.

The show usually attended by 1000s this time appeared more like a desolate wasteland out of a post-apocolyptic nouvelle-vague film.

Despite joy of a genuine dark rich espresso (or 5), a 5am start, deep snow and severely frost bitten bits of anatomy didn’t quite equate to the glamour most people anticipate of buying French antique furniture.

Never-the-less dedication, or is that addiction, to buying these beloved French antiques pushed us through to the end with some really great purchases. We have just about thawed out!