Upholstery ideas and inspiration for French antique and vintage beds

Frenchfinds has a constant stream of creative customers with bucketfuls of interesting ideas on how they want a particular antique or vintage piece of furniture finishing.

Upholstery Inspiration

Recently, we have had lots of fantastic antique and vintage French beds reupholstered for clients in a multitude of different ways.

The variety of fabrics that have been chosen shows the wonderful versatility of using fabric as a decorative tool. To give you a peak of our latest projects and provide inspirations for your own projects here are the before and after shots.

1920’s gilded frame French corbeille bed

This was a really nice project to work on as it put the life back into a beautiful but rare bed for Troughton Creations who specialise in a whole range of high level interior and garden design work.


Simple original calico & hessian covering on the foot and headboard. The side rails retained their original embroidered silk finish.

French gilded frame antique bed before upholstery

French gilded frame antique bed side rails


Covered in Designers’ Guild ‘Mezzola Lusso’ Heather – deep buttonned with a double piping finish

deep buttoned gilded antique French bed upholstery ideas

deepbuttonedDGgildedframepiping idea