Super Shiny Polished Vintage Steel (Furniture)

Super shiny polished steel & brass vintage cabinet front

Frenchfinds has been experimenting with a slightly different distressed furniture look. With a little bit of stripper and a lot of elbow grease shiny metal furniture is now slipping silently into our shop. We have tried it out on both French and English, antique and vintage pieces and it seems to work really well. It’s a new alternative for us, away from our traditional ‘shabby chic’ painted style or original wood pieces which is an enjoyable addition to our stock.

From our extra shiny steel & brass office cabinet to the burnished ‘distressed’ gun metal finish of French antique beds, we’re really pleased with the results, here are some of the recent images;

Super Shiny Polished Vintage Steel & Brass Office Cabinet

shiny polished vintage English office cabinet

shiny polished vintage office cabinet close up

shiny polished vintage office cabinet side shot

Burnished & Polished Steel Vintage French Bistro Chairs – Distressed Style

Polished Vintage French Bistro Chairs

Shiny polished vintage French bistro chair

Shiny polished vintage French Bistro chair with arms

Burnished Polished Vintage French Bistro Chair

Shiny Burnished / Polished Iron & Brass Antique French Bed

Burnished & polished gun metal French antique iron bed

Shiny Polished Steel French Vintage Mini Table / Child’s Desk