Dedication to the glamour of buying French antique furniture in the snow!

We’re very privileged to be able to do a job that many people dream of, the glamorous job of travelling across France and buying antique French furniture; The excitement and warm feeling that you get from meeting,… Continue reading

French antique furniture styles guide pt 1

Most of the French antique furniture Frenchfinds supplies are from the late 1800s or early 1900s.  Almost all of these items are made in certain in style harking back to definitive earlier periods… Continue reading

How distressed do you want it? Examples of distressing antique French furniture

Lots of people love the aged, old, battered, shabby chic look on French furniture, something that gives the piece a used feeling to it. For those antique furniture items that do not already… Continue reading

Antiques sustainable way to have a low carbon footprint

Antiques are no longer brown, white or any other colour! They’re green! Buying an antique or vintage piece rather than a new reproduction can save as much as 537kg of carbon dioxide emissions… Continue reading

Need your French furniture wish to come true?

Yes, the French furniture fairies are departing to France next week to make more people’s wishes come true. We have a large number of wishes from people for French furniture that we help… Continue reading

Frenchfinds’ French Furniture photos

Enjoyed a quiet 15 minutes by taking some shots of our antiques and French Furniture in the Frenchfinds brocante style warehouse. Our shots on the website don’t quite give you an idea of… Continue reading

Sumptuous Upholstery Fabrics for French Furniture Pt 2

Part 2 of blog post on sourcing bright and different fabric ideas for upholstering fantastic French furniture pieces like beds, chairs and accessories (you can find part 1 here). Rapture & White – Birds… Continue reading

Sumptuous and bright fabrics for antique and vintage French furniture upholstery Pt1

At We get asked a lot about reupholstery for our original antique and vintage French furniture especially our French Capitone and Corbeille beds. Having come direct from France, some of these French… Continue reading

Top tips for choosing an upholstery fabric for French furniture

There is a veritable feast of fantastic fabrics available out there with temptingly luscious colours and endless  possibilities for revitalising antique furniture or making a bold statement within a room. At Frenchfinds we… Continue reading

Happy April Fish Day! The French version of April Fools Day

April Fool’ as mad as a fish. ‘Le Poissons D’Avril’ is France’s version of April’s Fools Day and lasts all day Children tape paper fish to their friends’ backs and when the young… Continue reading