Celebrating National Poetry Day – A Poem from the Loire

To celebrate National Poetry Day here in the UK, we’ve dug out a 16th Century poem from Anjou born, Joachim du Bellay (1522 – 1560), which was part of his most well known… Continue reading

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Hi there, frenchfinds just shared an Instagram photo with you: view full image “New Year’s Eve counting down – aptly working on a antique French clock” Thanks, The Instagram Team

Now Get Your French Antique Vintage Furniture Fix On Instagram

We’ve been on the addictive mobile photo site Instagram for a little while now, if you’re new to it or an age old veteran look us up and follow us on our cuddly… Continue reading

How Many People Can You Fit Around A French Dining Table

We’ve been asked this many times and there really doesn’t seem to be a definitive guide anywhere. This definitely isn’t a definitive guide but it’s definitely a good starting point. It all depends… Continue reading

Latest link up with Romo fabrics

This is a great picture from our latest link up with the lovely people from Romo fabrics – our vintage French corbeille bed covered in simple flower patterns. Lovely room setting c/o Romo… Continue reading

Rococo Style Antique French Furniture

The Rococo style of French antique furniture began in the 18th century. It came about as a result of the Baroque artists of the time casting aside their obsession with symmetry and turning… Continue reading

Painted Antique French Furniture – Examples of The Art of Highlighting

    Lots of people love the different colours we use on our French furniture at FrenchFinds and lately we’ve had a lot of requests for highlighting. Over the years we have painted… Continue reading

Super Shiny Polished Vintage Steel (Furniture)

Frenchfinds has been experimenting with a slightly different distressed furniture look. With a little bit of stripper and a lot of elbow grease shiny metal furniture is now slipping silently into our shop.… Continue reading

Upholstery ideas and inspiration for French antique and vintage beds

Frenchfinds has a constant stream of creative customers with bucketfuls of interesting ideas on how they want a particular antique or vintage piece of furniture finishing. Upholstery Inspiration Recently, we have had lots… Continue reading

Sublime & bright colours for French antique furniture

Fantastic distressed experiment for French antique Furniture We tested a new approach with a brilliant Farrow & Ball ‘Raddicio Red’ undercoat on this antique bamboo washstand. We then gave it a top coat… Continue reading